Overview: Martha and Mary, two sisters struggling to survive in a stable with their ill father.

ِِِAboud is a Palestinian village to the northwest of Ramallah and 30 Km north of Jerusalem. Aboud has a population of approximately 2200 inhabitants, which is composed of a mix of Christians and Muslims living together. This is one of the very few places that still has this coexisting mixture. The village is known for its natural beauty and variety of flowers, earning the nickname “the City of Flowers.” There is evidence that it was continuously inhabited since the Roman, Byzantine, Crusader, Ayyubid, Mamluk and Ottoman eras. Unfortunately for its citizens, Aboud is an example of Palestine’s unjustly reduced tourism potential.

Entering a big house with a garden full of flowers of every kind and color, our team did not expect that this beauty could cover such a heartbreaking story of two sisters and their father living in a barn next to their wealthy brother’s house.  

“My name is Martha, and this is my sister Mary. She does not hear at all; doctors said it’s because of the wax in her ears. Last year, she had an open-heart surgery. My mother did not want to bring us to this life; she used to take a lot of pills. But God’s Will was stronger and therefore we are alive now. We both used to work in cleaning at a small charity institution, but they said we should not be exposed to chemicals and cleaning products anymore. We became old and it’s dangerous. Since then, we are at home taking care of our father. Our father lost his mind, he is awake but unconscious. He was healthy and used to work in constructions until some bricks fell on his head and caused a brain concussion. He does not speak and barely walks with a walker or a wheelchair.”

In unfit conditions and unfinished walls, the two sisters and their father live in a small barn. It consists of one room, used as a joint bedroom and living space, that smells of humidity. There is also a small kitchen and a toilet. The barn belongs to the sisters’ wealthy brother who inherited everything when the father became ill and unable to take care of himself.

The sisters have basic health insurance that covers part of their father’s required medication; however, their difficult financial situation does not allow them to cover many other expenses.

Not able to work or earn a reliable income, Martha and Mary are dependable on generous donations from the local community and the church. Martha and Mary are strong believers in God, and they are full of hope and faith in God’s kindness.

With hope and love, this story is told to the world so we can help this family through their difficult times. This project will help the two sisters earn a sustainable income to live and take care of their helpless father. Martha and Mary are looking for your financial support in order to cover the costs of necessary medical treatments and to purchase medical headphones (i.e. hearing aids) for Mary so she can hear again. In addition, Martha and Mary hope to start their own small business so they may continue to provide for themselves into the future. Your financial support will help the two sisters start their own production of olive wood rosaries that can be sold through the church to Christian pilgrims that visit the Holy Land every year from all over the world.


Help us collect 14,000 USD to support Martha & Mary.

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Note: The names of the characters in this story are not real; in order to avoid hurting families' feelings and to preserve privacy.